Calcium And Cancer

How does calcium cause cancer?

99% of calcium is in the “bones” & 1% of calcium ion in our “blood veins”.

If “calcium ion” in our blood increases, it causes cancer.


What makes “calcium ion” increase in our blood veins?

“Hard Calcium” that’s not fully digested will not get to our bones fully, some may turn into “calcium ion” in the blood, therefore causing cancer.

What”s hard calcium?

  1. glucosamine (made of prawn shells)
  2. too hard to digest for the elderly, digest rate is only 30%.
  3. calcium carbonate (extract of cow bones, sea shells)
  4. hard to digest, digest rate is only 30%.
  5. calcium oxylate (extract from Yam)
  6. long term consumption will cristallite (stones in the bladder)

The Recommended Calcium:

Calcium extracted  from “milk” + “CPP with vit D3 + “isoflavene”. (Can prevent cancer)

***Be smart. Always check for contents on the packaging.

Please ask us if you have problem finding such product, we’ll be most willing to help.


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