Lost Calcium

How Our Body Lost Calcium?

There are 2 types of Calcium Cells in our bones, “OsteoBlast” & “Osteoclast”.

They look similar? Notice that one is with B, and the other with c.

Just remember: B for bank in and

c for cash out

Cell 1 – OsteoBlast

It’s job is to produce calcium & bank in calcium into our bones, to grow our bones, store calcium in the

bones, for future use.

OsteoBlast perform this function from our birth till age 25, then OsteoBlast retire,

due to Osteoclast stops.

Cell 2 – Osteoclast

It’s job is to cash out calcium from our bones,

1) to counter acidic food, like meat and milk and so on…

Osteoclast will seal off the bones, stop it from growing further at age 25. when

Osteoclast stops, OsteoBlast will also stop.

(Note: Osteoclast will retire early if a female gives birth, say at age 20, Osteoclast

will seal off the bones, then OsteoBlast will stop banking in calcium. That means her

bones will stop growing at age 20, instead of age 25.

The calcium which is stored in our bones can last till age 40+ to 50+ depending on

our diet. When calcium runs out, that’s when our bones feel weak & fragile, thus need

to be replenished.

***Important: Try to avoid “Calcium Carbonade”, “Glucosamine” and “Calcium Oxylate” especially for the elderly. Go to page “Calcium And Cancer” to read more.

Trivia:    A baby has 300 pcs of bones

A child has 215 pcs of bones

An adult has 206/207 pcs of bones



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